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October 2018

5 Rhythms Retreat –Corfu-Greece
With Aviya Reches- 5 Rhythms certified teacher®


Alexis Zorbas Center

The Corfu Retreat is fully booked

In this special Greek retreat in a beautiful place in the island of Corfu- a place where the silence meets nature and nature will meet the silence inside us- we will dance and use our body to connect together to the elements of Nature-Earth, Water, Wind and fire in a special space that enables healing to our heart, body and soul.

It will be a 5 Rhythms journey that can give us opportunity to move deeply with the unique soul of each one of us,
Nature works through waves, seasons, growing cycles, weather patterns…like us human beings..we will explore these waves throw our collective dance.

We will dance and move together with Nature –as a model of inspiration and movement.

For who is the workshop for?
People-women and men who are curios to explore movement and looking for resourcing themselves in beautiful Corfu with the 5 Rhythms maps.

The workshop takes place in Alexis Zorbas Center-that is located at the far north-west of the green greek island of Corfu, in the middle of the tiny village of Arillas, about 35 km away from Corfu Town and its airport.

Here, in an atmosphere of greek hospitality, you will find non-stop Mediterranean sunshine, silent olive groves, beautiful bays, clean beaches, crystal clear water for swimming and lots of space for peaceful relaxation..A great opportunity to slow down the Rhythm of life…

Alexis Zorbas Center- http://www.alexiszorbas.com/en/seminare-retreats

You are welcome to join us and celebrate your body and life!

For full details of this workshop contact: Aviya Reches aviyareches@gmail.com

We are all part of a bigger body, and that bigger body is nature herself
we are water,earth,and air..."Halprin Anna

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