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Five Rhythms

Gabrielle Roth's 5 Rhythms are an exhilarating and liberating approach to the exploration of improvised movement and dance that is authentic, inspired and catalytic. The 5 Rhythms (Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical, Stillness) are a map which can take you on an ecstatic journey, opening you to the inherent wisdom, creativity and energy of your body. They point you in a direction and then each individual finds their own dance through deep concentration, focus, and the willingness to follow energy into the magical landscapes of improvised movement. Since the first beat of the first drum, dance and the language of rhythm have been one of the most direct routes to ecstatic experience. Dance bridges the personal, community and spirit worlds. 5 Rhythms work can be meditative, expressive, fun, and transformative. This work gives you the opportunity to find freedom of movement, states of heightened awareness, profound healing and the inspiration for living a creative and fulfilling life.

What is the symbol of every rhythm?

FLOWING: The feminine energy of mother earth-the energy of our fluidity

STACCATO: The muscular energy,sharp,quick that enable us to find our place in the world

CHAOS: The connection between Flowing and Stacato.

LYRICAL: The lightness of our movement.

STILLNESS: The inner silence Meditation in movement.

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