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Aviya Reches

Aviya Reches- 5 Rhythms certified teacher®

Aviya is a 5 Rhythms teacher ®, a clinical nutritionist M.Sc.-has worked 20 years in privet clinic and with groups.
Qualified in group management, working with metaphors, aromatherapy,short term therapy and more...

Offering workshops and classes with the amazing tools-5 Rhythms maps, aromatherapy to people, organizations and working places.

Workshops that i am offering-

Senses in motion-

In this workshop Aviya combines between her 2 favorites-Aromatherapy and the 5 Rhythms world.
We are using the five Rhythms maps in order to dance and connect ourselves by our senses, using essential oils as facilitators of movement and dancing .
We will check how different kinds of smells influence our movements.
What happening to our movement by smelling earthy smells, muscular smells? how smell and soul reacts to each other.
Smells are moving in Waves-similar to our movement patterns.
We will release and awake our body with wonderful music.

My body and me-

In this workshop we are using the 5 Rhythms maps for recovering and healing our body image.
An Intense workshop that deals with finding the connection between our body and ourselves .We will use tools from the imagery world, dancing and art.
Strengthening our body image and finding ways to connect to our inner self .

Peace in my Heart-Special workshop-

In this workshop we will search. explore ,dance and look for peace in our hearts. We will move throw the 5 Rhythms maps and look what enables our heart to move peacefully while being fluid,

For what our hearts say yes and for what our hearts say no
What need to be released from our heart

Using the dancing map of the 5 Rhythms: Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical and Stillness we will explore how the energy of our heart moves in each of us. How we can use the practice and fluidity of the 5 Rhythms™ map to move and communicate from our hearts.

Flowing – how our heart glows and warms

Staccato - how it connects

Chaos - how it heats and purifies

Lyrical - how it creates and is a light

Stillness - how it heals

In this workshop we will have an opportunity to expand our ability to find creativity throw our heart, to connect to the power of love, to be fluid with our heart energy, to spread and find
our joy and compassion to ourselves and to the others.

Its a huge gift to dance with the 5 Rhythms with this heart energy-alone and with others. Connecting to the heart "brain" and finding the bridge and roots to our mind and soul with our dancing body.

This workshop is suitable for beginners and old timers alike

for further information about these workshops please contact Aviya-

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