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Journey to Germany

Israel – Berlin – Hamburg – Israel
The story of my Journey – Aviya Reches

The story of this journey, as 5 Rhythms teacher in training, involves the past, present and future within the shadows of the Rhythms.
Travelling as an Israeli to Germany 60 years after hundreds of my relatives were murdered there, and other millions were murdered for the reason they were different from the German nation is not at all a simple journey for me. This journey started on a frozen morning in a women's hotel that is located in the eastern part of Berlin, only 2 steps from the famous bunker of Hitler. A better and more meaningful location could not be found for my journey in my personal and professional life. The "Director of life" could not find a better location for the beginning of this journey.

Why did I want to become 5 Rhythms teacher?
A very good question that Hitler could not imagine that 60 years after his devil's plan to destroy the Jewish nation, a woman 48 years old, second generation to the holocaust, would like to teach the 5 Rhythms in Israel in order to prevent second holocaust and to practice working with the medicine part of 5 Rhythms and movement – is it possible?

Is dancing with so many nations in my country - that are so different in their needs and nature and to try finding the common space between them and with themselves – a realistic option to cure the social and politics climate in my area with movement?

From the Hitler bunker I wandered to a memorial site that commemorates the Holocaust of the Jewish nation in Europe. This site looks like a very big graveyard – is this is the cover for the German painful conscience?
Is there an option of forgiveness and compassion in this place with the German nation?

Stepping down in the stairs under this grave yard , bringing me to a museum that documenter the last letters of Jewish people to their relatives in their last moments before sending to the gas chambers. Shivering, touching and heart rending. For half an hour I was standing in this horrible place, reading and crying, crying and reading the love, tragic loss of anonymous Jewish, pure innocent people, moments before being murdered…only because they were Jewish and had not met the standards of the superior race.

The Shadow of staccato is very common in the German narrative: rigidity, repressed aggression, very strong will to order and discipline, separation of the body from the feet-from our human source. It's not surprising that these shadows had found so hard expression 60 years ago in World War II.

Gabrielle Roth says "In the shadow of Staccato - in the last rhythm – stillness – We are shaped by our tension, rigidity…" It can be assumed, that we are shaped by these shadows unconsciously most of our lives, but generally, for god sake, we are not killing millions of human beings, but mainly we are hurting ourselves and our nature during life.

Discovering the shadow of staccato, lead me to a very strong experience of the energy field in Germany- in Chaos- experience that afterwards in the Lyrical rhythm – I forward this experience to something bigger then the personal experience – of how am I locating myself in the Human- Israeli context. How can i find and explore my existence in Stillness, in the emptiness and give it a new shape? How am i arriving to a new space of teaching the 5 Rhythms from this strong and touching journey? Digesting and exploring this new field brings me to find my self as a teacher in process to want to bring my light to as many people here in the middle east…I would like to bring to others a very simple but very powerful tool of the 5 Rhythms that can help dealing with past stories and with stories that we are telling ourselves in the present.

Could I be able to help people in my country to reduce a little bit of their suffer-personal/regional/national? How we can move from common space and honour the variation of personal, ethnical and cultural different needs?

Could the dance be able to blur the boundaries and defences that human beings have developed in order to survive in our world? In my personal experience , while I am dancing with people from different nationalities, there is no meaning to the cultural or geographical differences

–the dancer is the dance is the dance…
The dance is a bridge to piece, friendship, harmony-that are so missing in our modern technological world. Movement as a therapeutic tool, creates new insight which further can design and built our human DNA – which change and gives us new perceptions on: ourselves, our surrounding, our behaviour that would impact the family cell, working places, our geographic area, and could influence on much bigger spaces-countries, continent. This change and shift could happen if more and more people would join to our new "party" – the party of people who take responsibility for their bodies, land and surrounding – and will use this wonderful tool of movement as a means to personal and interpersonal transformation.

Thanks for all my wonderful teachers who are supporting and guiding me in this journey-Susannah and Ya’Acov, Gabrielle Roth, my beautiful family, ancestors and dear supporting friends in many places on the planet.

Amen –let it be....
March 2008

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