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March 2019

5 Rhythms workshop- Desert Retreat


With Beata Eckert- 5 Rhythms teacher from Poland and Aviya Reches ®

Where: Mitzpe-Ramon

In daily life we are being surrounded by lot of noise-internal, external, wrapping us each minute.
In this workshop -surrounding by the beautiful desert -we will explore inside the body and around us how we can reach the source of Silence and healing.
We will use the 5 Rhythms maps in the nature of desert space that enable healing to the Heart, Body and soul.

It will be a 5 Rhythms journey that can give us opportunity to move deeply with the unique soul of each one of us,
we will practice consciousness connected to the body-the house of our soul.

Beata's web site:

Hours of the workshop:
The retreats starts at 17:30 on 6.3.19 and we finish at 14:00 on 9.3.19.

The fee: 880 shekels for those who will pay until 6.12.18. After this date the fee will be 980 shekels.

A reduced fee will be given to 2 friends who book together , and for the participants of the serials..

Cancellation policy:
Cancelling your booking until 5.2.19 -you will be refunded of the fee minus 200nis cancellation fee.
After this date you will be refunded of the fee minus 400nis cancellation fee.

Waiting to dance with you with love!

For full details of this workshop and accommodation procedures please contact: Aviya Reches aviyareches@gmail.com

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