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January 2018

Five Rhythms Women Retreat-


Beata Eckert-5 Rhythms teacher from Poland
Aviya Reches-5 Rhythms teacher

Where: Ohalo center-Sea of Galiley

Dear Women-very exciting to invite you to Ohalo center -Israel for another 5 Rhythms Women Retreat 31.1-3.2.18 with dear Beata Eckert from Poland and with me-Aviya Reches from Israel!

Its a call for gathering together, celebrate our body and beauty in dance, laughter, creativity, playing and nourishing our soul!

In this women's retreat in a beautiful place in nature- a place where the silence meets nature and nature will meet the silence inside us- in a very special center in north Israel we will dance together the women's tribe in a special space that enables healing to our heart, body and soul.

It will be a 5 Rhythms journey that can give us opportunity to move deeply with the unique soul of each one of us,
we will practice consciousness connected to the body-the house of our women's soul.

We will dance together with lough, tears within a powerful healing journey of feminine sharing .
This workshop suits for you who want to move your body and soul with the 5 Rhythms-whether you familiar and want to deepen your work with the Rhythms or totally new dancer.

Hours of the workshop:

we are starting 31.1.18 on 15:00 and ending on 3.2.18 on 15:00.

The fee:

For those booking until 30.11.17 the fee is 990 shekels.
After this date the fee is 1090 shekels.

Special fee will be given to 2 women who are registered together .

Beata's web site:

For full details of this workshop contact: Aviya Reches aviyareches@gmail.com

Waiting to dance with you with Love!

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